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Wink-a-thon & the power of rituals

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

During a lunch break at the 99U Design Conference in 2014, Asha confessed something shocking. She casually said, "You know, I really don't know how to wink." My whole being froze. You cannot work our firm without knowing how to wink. In the hallowed halls of Fidelity the wink was not a sexual advance. The wink was a signal shared between peers. A winks said, "We've got this. We make the rules. Let's makes some trouble. "

Taught Asha to wink.

She sent winks, we sent winks.

We invited in friends who

Within weeks we had 100's of winks

Within a year we had 1000's

We were a clan of 30 people across the country. collecting winks.

At Weddings, World Wonders, births, celebration, handstands,

some of the best included:

  • Wink in the cockpit with Woman Pilot on JetBlue Airplane

  • Wink from a baby's on his first day of life.

  • Wink in front of George W. Bush Presidential Library - 50 people cheerleader ams.

  • Wink from RGB.... nuf said


The ritual of the wink created community...on different levels.

The community was group of designers. We were asked to try something new and daring every day. The wink took 2 minutes for us to prove that we were taking risks. We proved it to ourselves and others.

What does it look like?

This is collection of some of the winks.

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