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Inspiring the HU$TLE Society
The Founders' Dinner
The Purpose

The HU$TLE society is a group committed to advancing women in fintech + financial services.

In their early days, the founders wanted to  inspire and align to better spear head this movement.

What Was the Outcome?
Collect 100 Stories in ~100 Days

The founders committed to holding more dinners to grow a network.  They also committed to collecting 100 stories from women in the next 2 - 3 months.


They want to hear from women who faced challenges as women working in financial services and fintech in Boston. They need to pick a format ... a short paragraphs, a hashtag, a picture


Their goal is to continue to explore the realities that women face. And create a network of women (and men?) supporting other women in financial services and fintech in Boston 

What do the founder's believe?
The founders shared personal experiences from which the learned how to work and thrive in their professions as women. They distillled these learnings into maxims or principles. Below is what they shared with one another. 

You be you....everyday

You’re worthy

It’s okay to do what you love  what you do 

Take a step. Put yourself on the line

Square peg in a round hold

One woman at time

Love being an money expert

Stay grass roots

Confidence in key

Family - No regrets

Raise women to Varsity Level

Go for personal sustainability

The Fear oF Women is Real Now

No Apologies

Don’t be put in a box

Play to Win

Trust your Instincts

Enable risk for xxxxx

Take a risk

How will you remember your life?

Leverage your network

Being challenged in good

Enable risks for high performers

Set up other women for success

Understand the Realities

Big Ideas require a network

Less is more

Be you. Don’t Apologize. Speak up.

We can do it!

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