I play to win. I practice what I preach. I experiment.


The Apron Manifesto
Who makes the future?

The Boyz

A COVID Survival School for Parentz & Kidz

Dream Tank focused on art to manifest gender Equity

Design Schport!
A moc-u-mentory exploring the intersection of sport and design. 

Disco Box
An Existential Angst Zoom Dance Party for Adults


Priming Feminine Power
Weaving  to Redefining

The Heroine's Journey @ Vassar
Sharing our collective unconscious 

Hu$tle Society
A purpose for a women in fin-tech


The Apron Manifesto (work in progress) 
A call to arms is never done.

Iridescent Co-Workers
Working in isolation inspired me to create my own team of angels.

Opera Experiment /Performance Art

NPR program "The World" highlights my collab with an artist to exploring song and language.

Provoke U.
Freedom Dreaming. Masked Moral Authority. Leaders learning.

Leaders sketch one another.

I have done 1000's of experiments. Not enough time to post. Stay Tuned.